Coral from Google

We are proud to integrate the new Coral Accelerator Module, from Google, into our products and make the Artificial Intelligence component of our services even more powerful

Our team of experts developed a custom PCB hosting the new Coral Accelerator to provide faster machine learning (ML) and deep learning solutions.  

Thanks to the integration of Coral technology, we are able to offer outstanding performances to make our real-time services surprisingly faster and safer in Smart City, Intelligent Industry and Smart Retail.

Together for continuous progress!

Our products with Coral Intelligence


Designed with a friendly and linear shape, Sense is our best seller and the first sensor to have the AI board on it, working in Edge Computing. This solution is embedded by Coral from google.


Cyke represents the evolution of Sense with a great innovation: a very sensitive microphone that is able to detect different sound models. Through a single product, you can benefit from the performance of video and sound analysis.


Xenia is a sensor made to have dual resolution. This smart product has two cameras: the thermal camera, that can detect temperature, and a traditional HD camera, which is able to identify people, faces and specific events.


SmartEye IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) is the easiest way to benefit from our services thanks to the retrofit function. It consists of keeping the IP Camera system already installed and making it smart. In this way, old and new meet and together become a new and smart product.


MultiEye represents a new type of sensor: a central body and satellite cameras. It can be composed of up to 3 cameras and in this way you can benefit from a 360 degree monitoring coverage.

Artificial Intelligence Services

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Smart Surveillance
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Industry Plant Management
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