Product Overview

The SmartEye is a distributed system of optical sensors that are installed on street lamps to reduce energy consumption for public lighting and to provide interactive services for Smart City. Thanks to the AI brain of the sensors, it is possible to reach on average 60% of energy savings by adapting the lighting level of the road according to its real status, in terms of weather conditions, driving visibility, and traffic flow.

The local sensors perform the automatic on-board urban scene analysis and communicate to the cloud in wireless mode. The sensor network can be applied to outdoor lighting, urban mobility, social security, and much more, both for public and private institutions.

The remote server allows storage, statistics, visualization and interface with the street lamp's remote control system. SmartEye is the best option for road lighting segments and smart parking. The Artificial Intelligence technology behind it is adaptable according to customer needs in order to increase its performance and machine learning models are computed by cloud computing.

Application Areas

Intelligent Industries
Smart Cities

Product Features

 Video Analysis

Security anomalies, automated object tracking, intrusion detection, object recognition, can be identified by video analysis algorithms derived from advanced artificial intelligence systems of the SmartEye sensor. This tool provides innovative solutions to accurately understand video content.

 Cloud Computing
The SmartEye is equipped with WiFi and LTE module so that when a large set of data is applied to certain algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) models are generated; the computation will be done on the cloud to increase sensor efficiency and performance at higher scales by providing the computation of these models on the cloud.
 A.I. Solutions

For the SmartEye we provide different Artificial Intelligence services according to customer needs, our A.I.  technologies are easy to implement, easy to support, and have demonstrated excellent results for our customers.

Operation Areas

Smart Lighting
The SmartEye is suitable for Smart Lighting service which reduces energy consumption for public lighting, by analyzing the traffic volume and forecasting the upcoming weather condition so that it adjusts the road luminance accordingly.
Traffic Light Optimization
The Traffic Lights AI module performs the real-time analysis of the distribution of the vehicles along the road intersection; it optimizes the traffic light cycle to reduce the waiting time thus the SmartEye is the best fit for this service.
Intelligent Parking Services
The SmartEye can be used for the smart parking management system which is capable of providing an extreme level of convenience to the drivers. It detects the position of all available parking spots and identifies if a parking spot is vacant or occupied.

Operation Areas

Transport & Mobility Analysis
The SmartEye transport and mobility analysis module once installed above road crosses, identifies traffic flows and predicts the optimal activation cycle of traffic lights, thus reducing the jams and increasing the travel time.
Traffic Prediction
The SmartEye Traffic Prediction Module uses machine learning technology to collect traffic data and provides drivers with optimized traffic data.

Technical Charts

Model NumberModel NameCameraStorageInterfacesCommunication Module

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