About the Application

Almost every business sector is pushing to integrate AI, whether it’s to boost customer satisfaction or increase efficiency. Our understanding of technology, combined with an awareness of business operations, product creation, and user experience, enables us to provide the optimal solution for every company’s needs. SmartEye Oversee is a mobile application that is designed to monitor and receive security alarms instantly.

SmartEye Oversee synchronizes all the connected video sensors by the moment the user login the App. It’s a collection of tools and services for business monitoring, threat detection, and continuous reporting of any occurrence in your industrial sector.

Application Areas

Intelligent Industries
Smart Cities

SmartEye Oversee Features

Instant threat detection
Monitoring business area
Supervising Sensor Functionality
Real-time video stream
Multiple video sensor management
Manage each alarm
Record video
Video player
Silence mode
On/Off notifications

User Interface

Downloadable Contents

SmartEye Oversee Flyer


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