About the Software

SmartEye Configurator is the user-friendly software that allows the customer to configure each sensor. It is also accessible through SmartEye Analytics.

It consists of several sections that enable the user to perform numerous actions, from the initial configuration and installation of the sensor to the remote control and monitoring of its status. Directly from the app it is also possible to draw areas of interest so that only specific zones can be controlled and changed over time. 

In fact, in case the customer needs to make any adjustment for one or two of these sensors, it is possible to make these changes via SmartEye Configurator without any cable or Wi-Fi connection.

This feature makes it easier for companies to make the best use of our AI services and differentiate themselves and enjoy a competitive advantage.


Application Areas

Intelligent Industries
Smart Cities
Smart Retail

SmartEye Configurator Features

Installation and configuration of services
Analysis area setup
Multiple user accounts for simultaneous access
Real-time video streaming
Responsive design
Network Configuration parameters: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G
Real-time sensor status
Memory availability and disk usage
Software update directly on board

UI Pictures

Downloadable Contents

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SmartEye Configurator




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