About The Software

Our team of experts is proud to present our recent AI sensor management software focused on detection & analysis, prediction & forecasting, and yield optimization. Our artificial intelligence services address key areas where businesses can utilize AI to drive growth and gain a significant competitive advantage.
SmartEye Configurator is a management software that allows the customer to access numerous sensor configuration functions.
We have developed the SmartEye Configurator to ease the installation of sensors in a user-friendly software program. It consists of several sections that provide the user to interact appropriately from post-installing to controlling and remotely monitoring the sensor status.

Each control panel section is designed to deliver the functionality to analyze every service separately. It minimizes manual data entry for setting up sensors and it delivers better and more efficient interaction between customized AI-powered services and the AI sensor modules.

About the Software

The SmartEye Configurator is also accessible through SmartEye Analytics. The user may have done numerous sensor installations by SmartEye Analytics software. In case the customer requires to make any adjustment for one or two of these sensors, it is possible to perform these modifications via SmartEye Configurator without any cable or Wi-Fi connection.

We adapted several services with SmartEye Configurator, which includes road lighting, security surveillance, crowd tracking, traffic flow, smart parking, and automatic number plate recognition. The software is designed to enable companies at any level of expertise with the streamlined ability to harness the power of machine learning in the industry.

Application Areas
Intelligent Industries
Smart Cities

SmartEye Configurator Features

Installation and configuration of services
Analysis area
Installation validation
Real-time video stream
Add/Remove Multiple users
Change password
Network settings parameters; WiFi, 3G, API
IP address management
Sensor status in real-time
Memory availability and disk usage
Update the software directly onboard

Service Management

Road lighting service:
The panel is designed to analyze the area of interest for road lighting to decide on a zone with different brightness it also allows the user to select the upcoming traffic direction and adjusts the light settings accordingly.

Security surveillance service:
The user is able to monitor securely by setting up a motion zone, targeting the unusual standing of a person, setting specific regions under control for fire and smoke detection, setting stop denied zones, and choosing the upcoming direction of any vehicle.

Crowd tracking service:
Costumer can analyze the crowdy area and setting up specific targets to monitor. It is possible to choose a time interval of recorded video and run the playback.

Traffic flow service:
In this panel, the user is able to control and monitor the traffic flow by selecting a region of interest, setting up a specific road traffic flow direction, and choosing what way is permitted for maneuver.

Smart parking service:
The UI of the parking service lets the user analyze the parking lot. The tools like add/remove, move, and modify will let the user ensure the correct selection of the parking lot.

ANPR service:
The section is designed to record and edit the number plate of any vehicle. The users can record the passing vehicle and shift between recorded frames to choose and then the AI brain detects the numbers.

UI Pictures

Downloadable Contents

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SmartEye Configurator




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