Maggioli Group

With great pride we announce that, as of December 2023, Smart-I is a company belonging to the Maggioli Group. 

The union with the Maggioli Group, a leader in Italy for over 100 years in supporting Public Administration, Freelancers and Companies, represents an important step forward in our path of growth and innovation.

We and the Group will create new synergies and opportunities by enhancing AI solutions and services in Value Cities and supporting more and more Clients in their growth and success. 

Together towards smarter and more livable cities.

Artificial Intelligence for Value Cities: a new chapter to be written

Since the dawn of 2012, in Smart-I we have been ardently cultivating our passion for Artificial Intelligence, placing it at the service of the growth of Smart Cities.

Now, with the Maggioli Group, our mission is strengthened and expanded, focusing on the technological transformation of cities and the use of data to provide increasingly useful and beneficial services.

Together, we will create:

  • Innovative solutions to improve citizens’ lives.
  • Smart, sustainable and people-friendly cities.
  • A better future for our communities.

Innovations are born from change, and this union represents a major breakthrough. We are ready to write a new chapter in the future of cities: from Smart Cities to Value Cities.

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