Product Overview

Designed with a friendly and linear shape, Sense is our best seller and the first sensor to have the AI board on it, working in Edge Computing. This solution is embedded by Coral from google.

It is able to detect different items like cars, number plates, people, faces and objects. Moreover, thanks to its low light embedded camera and its extended Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Sense can work in high and low visibility areas and effectively mix Edge Computing and Cloud Computing. Like other video sensors, Sense can provide the easiest integration of multiple services in a single installation, allowing the Client to scale the solution by simply upgrading the software.

The accuracy capability of our software, combined with the high capacity of the sensor, allows it to detect every event in the scene. Sense is well suited for Intelligent parking system services. In fact, it detects the location of all parking spots and identifies if a parking spot is available or not. All the data collected by Sense is sent to our smart parking management system which provides the information to drivers in order to reduce the parking search time

Application Areas

Intelligent Industry
Smart City
Smart Retail

Product Features

 Video Analysis

Smart-I products enable innovative solutions for video analysis thanks to the advanced Artificial Intelligence module. In fact, they can analyze, detect and alert in case of anomalies.

Edge Computing

A different, high-performance way to handle data is through Edge Computing. We process data directly inside our sensors, minimize latency and increase data protection. Our edge computing solution is embedded by Coral from google.

Product Features

 Artificial Intelligence

We provide innovative and smart services that mix data with advanced algorithms. In this way, video sensors can automatically learn data features and provide excellent results to our Clients.

Infrared Illumination

This feature ensures optimal area monitoring even when areas are in low light conditions. It offers great protection and high detection accuracy even during nights or dark zones.

Product Features

 Cloud Computing
All data collected by video sensors can be managed by Cloud Computing. In detail, it manages, stores and processes the data through a remote server. Therefore, the client can access our services, exploiting the computing capacity of our servers.

Operation Areas

Intelligent Parking System
This service can provide an extreme level of convenience to drivers. Indeed, it detects the location of all parking spots and identifies and reports if a parking spot is occupied or available.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Our video sensors can automatically read and recognize the license plates of cars, motorbikes and various vehicles. This type of information is useful in numerous applications, such as automatic toll collection

Operation Areas

Fire & Smoke Detection
This service is able to detect in real-time the occurrence of events related to fire and smoke propagation. The automatic alert to those in charge allows the prompt intervention and the consequent increase of safety.

Risk Detection
Having a safety program in industries is now more critical than ever. Continuous analysis of the plant and detection of hazardous and damaging events are crucial to increased industrial safety.

Operation Areas

Transport & Mobility Analysis
Once the sensor is installed over road intersections, it detects the distribution and mean speed of vehicles, thus reducing traffic jams
Traffic Pattern Prediction
It analyzes traffic volume, classifies vehicles in order to provide optimized data about travel time prediction.

Operation Areas

Road Safety

Our advanced products can detect sudden scene changes. In case of abnormal parking, illegal vehicle overtaking and illegal U-turns, notifications will be sent to facilitate immediate action.

Crowd Monitoring
Thanks to ultra-modern algorithms, it is possible to track numerous people and detect abnormal or suspicious behavior (such as leaving bags unattended).

Operation Areas

Smart Lighting
By analyzing traffic volume and weather conditions, the sensor can identify and adjust street lighting accordingly. This service significantly reduces energy consumption.

Traffic Lights Optimization
It performs real-time analysis of vehicle distribution along the road intersection and optimizes traffic light cycle management in order to reduce waiting times.

Operation Areas

Retail Management
These smart services provide retailers with new tools to learn about their customers' behavior and create amazing and new shopping experiences for them.


Each version is designed to provide different services, you can find the specific Model at the table in next slide.

Sense SA: Sense Stand Alone (SA) version is the entry level sensor in the Sense family. This sensor has a LAN connection rather than LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, which connects to the construction area directly via LAN cable. This sensor is more suitable for Smart Lighting and Intelligent Parking System.

Sense FC: Sense Full Connectivity (FC) version is equipped with WiFi and LTE modules. It is ideal for areas that require long-range security coverage. This sensor is suggested for Transport and Mobility Analysis and Urban Security.

Sense AP: Sense Advance Optic (AP) version has WiFi and LTE modules and a higher-performance optic. It is suitable for areas that need a high efficient camera with a focus on detail. It is the best choice for License Plate Recognition and Crowd Analysis.

Technical Charts

Model NumberModel NameCameraStorageAI ProcessorCommunication Module
SS-ND-SA-xxSense SAup to 5MPup to 64 GBTPURJ45
SS-ND-FC-xxSense FCup to 5MPup to 64 GBTPUWiFi – LTE
SS-ND-AP-SASense AP-SA1MP Global Shutter @60fpsup to 64 GBTPURJ45
SS-ND-AP-FCSense AP-FC1MP Global Shutter @60fpsup to 64 GBTPUWiFi – LTE

Downloadable Contents

Sense sensor models vary based on hardware and software differences. To make the right choice, below you can find all the specific models and their technical details.

Sense Flyers

Sense SA


Sense FC


Sense AP




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