About the Application

SmartEye Oversee is the mobile app that is designed to monitor and receive security alerts instantly. 

When an event or action is detected, you’ll receive a push notification on your phone and by logging into the app you will be able to view the image and streaming video. Not only that, you can also see previous alerts and not miss any past events.  

SmartEye Oversee synchronizes all connected video sensors when the user accesses the App. In detail, it is a tool for detecting and reporting certain behaviours useful for ensuring more efficient monitoring of any business.

This app was created to provide a simple and intuitive alert management solution for the needs of different companies.

Application Areas

Intelligent Industries
Smart Cities
Smart Retail

SmartEye Oversee Features

Instant notification of alerts
Sensor list and map view
Supervising sensor status
Real-time video streaming
Multilevel access management
Alert management
Advanced event filtering
Video recording
Responsive design
Notification snoozing
Compatible with the latest versions of iOs and Android
Multiple video sensor management

User Interface

Downloadable Contents

SmartEye Oversee Flyer



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