About The Software

SmartEye Analytics is the management software, available both in WAN and LAN, for remote monitoring, real-time alerts, and data management. Our engineers, with high knowledge of machine learning and software development, are utilizing SmartEye Analytics to form the most effective Artificial intelligent platform.

The software consists of several sections and it offers the functionalities to analyze, organize, access, and supply advisory services based on a range of structured and unstructured information. Users would take advantage of predictive analytics or natural language processing, among other AI software features, to pull valuable business insights from captured data by Smart-I sensors.

The software features include image filtering, editing, and comparison. It shows the situation of each sensor on the geographical map and provides real-time video streaming and it is capable of generating automatic snapshots, video time-lapse, and reports.

Application Areas
Intelligent Industries
Smart Cities

Smart Analytics Features

Multiple users account for simultaneous access
Multiple views dashboard
Remote monitoring and control of sensors
Real-time video display
Automatic alerts and reporting
Map management of installations
Image comparison tool
Cloud to cloud API

UI Pictures

Downloadable Contents

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SmartEye Analytics




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