About the Software

SmartEye Analytics is the remotely accessible dashboard that allows you to receive and view alerts of detected events in real time. 

 Moreover, it enables you to analyse and download the data captured by the sensors and watch the streaming video in real time.  

Specifically, SmartEye Analytics shows the situation of each sensor on the geographical map and is capable of generating automatic snapshots, time-lapse videos and reports.

From this software it is possible to connect directly to the Smart-I configuration tool – SmartEye Configurator- which is present in all our video sensors. 

Users would benefit from predictive analytics, among other features of the AI software, to extract valuable information for their business thanks to the data obtained by Smart-I sensors.

Application Areas

Intelligent Industries
Smart Cities
Smart Retail

Smart Analytics Features

Multiple user accounts for simultaneous access
Direct connection with SmartEye Configurator
Remote sensor monitoring and control
Real-time video streaming
Automatic alerts and reporting
Installations map view
Alert management
API integration

UI Pictures

Downloadable Contents

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SmartEye Analytics




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