Coral from Google

Smart-I is proud to integrate the new Coral Accelerator Module into our products. We developed a custom PCB hosting the new Google Coral Accelerator production line in order to perform fast machine learning (ML) inferencing optimized for our real-time services.

Thanks to the use of Google Coral, we are able to provide outstanding performances to make our services surprisingly faster, safer, making the city and Industry 4.0 smarter.

Our Products with Google Coral Solution


Sense is a brand new sensor that has been designed with a friendly and linear shape in order to be easily integrated into every architecture. Sense detects the position of all available parking spots.


Cyke offers an extended analysis of the surrounding environment thanks to an enhanced infrared night lighting system and an integrated GPU that allows the processing of data by the AI even faster.


Xenia is a recent sensor whose linear and friendly design can integrate into any kind of environment. It is equipped with two cameras, the thermal camera that can detect body temperature and an HD camera for facial recognition.


The SmartEye IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) is the easiest way to benefit from services provided by SmartEye: keeping the IP Camera system already installed. By installing SmartEye IVA, the Customer can choose the right software package.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Intelligent Parking Service
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Traffic Pattern Prediction
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Smart Surveillance
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Industry Plant Management
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